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Hands on Training & Certification

Online Hydraulic and Hose Training Classes now forming for a July 5th, 2021 release.

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Coming July 2021
Coming Late 2021

US and International Training with SAE, DIN, and EN standards following updated NAHAD, NFPA, and NIBA industry practices. 

Industrial MRO & OEM Product Training

Industrial University has been providing online and hands-on training since 2009 with a focus on our students to be successful in their knowledge, safety, and fabrication of common and specialty products. Whether you want to use this course for yourself or to provide this education for your fellow co-workers, this course is your solution. We provide you with knowledge of what is available, safety standards, identification of existing parts, and tools with proper assembly techniques.

Is training right for you?

  • Improve knowledge of the products that are commonly used in your field.

  • Learn accepted industry standards.

  • Become familiar with available tools and measuring techniques to identify products in your industry.

  • Know what variants of metals or rubbers to use for specific applications.

  • Become self-reliant and self-sufficient on product knowledge.

  • Practice best-safety guidelines and policies.

       Become certified with an official diploma.

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Education that is continually evolving and maintained.

Industrial support products are ever-changing to meet the needs of today. Industrial University is designed to add, edit, and obsolete the industry standards and product availability as it becomes necessary. 

A student for life.

In addition to certification, Industrial.University offers a lifetime of updates to changes in the industry. As new products, new safety standards, and new processes are made available, we will communicate and update you so that you can be the best, well-informed person in the field.

Answers, not generalities.

We are uniquely qualified beyond any other training site because we give real-world answers to problems. That means you'll know the exact part that is being taught about rather than generalities. 

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Our Unique Approach for busy Hands-on People.

Industrial.University offers the most comprehensive and useable training in the market, in fact, we've invented some of them!

Our classes can provide hands-on supplementary products & samples for our online participants and the necessary measuring tools to identify the correct parts you'll be running across.

See each course detail for tools and supplementary product samples available to better enhance your education.

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Designed for the Visual Learner

Our approach is more than words on pages... it's understanding what you're being tought.


Industrial.University provides you with great images and video of the actual product and gives real world examples that will leave a lasting impact.


One example is when discussing the effects of cold temperature on rubber, we'll freeze it in dry ice and show the results. If a failure occurs in the field, you'll know how to visually identify it too!


Consistantly improving to be the best industrial training in the world.

Translated into 7 languages,  our goal is to be the best source for learning no matter where you are!  Click the button below to be taken to the appropriate landing page for your language.

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